Character History Requirements For Teras

In order to be eligible for the character history bonus, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • You must submit a character history that is at least about a page long typed in a reasonable size font (10-14 point). Submissions should go to my yahoo address (ask me if you don't have it). Note that hard copies not only don't qualify, but I'm really not interested in them — they get lost and are just more papers to keep track of. You may find it handy to keep a hard copy for yourself at the game though, just to remind yourself of the details of your character history should it be necessary.
  • Your history needs to include reasons for why you are with the party. You need to have some kind of tie to at least two other characters in the party (this requirement might be delayable for new characters coming into existing campaigns). The specifics are up to you, but the whole point is to give your character a reason for sticking with the group. Alternatively, you can choose to provide in your history one reason why your character would adventure with every other character in the party instead.
  • You must create a page for your character on the wiki. Your character's page need not include your full history, but you certainly can include it if you wish. Your page needs to have at least some content about your character; what this content is exactly is up to you, but a partial background, pictures, or quotes are all good. There should be at least a paragraph (or a picture and a couple of sentences) at a minimum. You should view the Rules for Editing the Wiki page if you haven't already.
  • Once the above conditions are fulfilled, you only need approval to add your bonuses. This typically won't take more than a day and shouldn't be a big deal at all unless you want to play something unusual.

Note that a character history is absolutely required up front to play an evil character or a character outside the norm (different race, etc).

You must do the above before you can take your bonuses (you cannot take the bonuses and promise to write a history later — no exceptions). Those bonuses include:

  • 4 extra point buy points (26 point buy instead of 22)
  • A bonus feat
  • A background skill bonus of +2 to one skill relevant to your character history
  • Special skill considerations if needed (ie, you are a fighter but want to take training in a class skill that is normally not on the fighter class skill list)

There is no longer a deadline for submitting a history. You could in theory submit one just weeks before the end of the campaign — though again, you only get your character history bonuses after you meet the above requirements.

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