Born to a middle class merchant family in Korvosa, "Cerulean's" life would appear to have been one of relative ease, at least in comparison to most of the peasantry. Unfortunately, at age 7 her parents were accused of speaking against the ruling class and were arrested. Cerulean narrowly escaped. She was taken in by a gang of ne'er-do-wells and lived as a streetrat for a while, living off con games and petty theft.

After a few years, Korvosa became too dangerous for her. The law was harsh and several of her friends had been captured and suffered terribly. She decided to head down into the land of Varisia and see if the opportunities were any better. She took up residence in the town of Sandpoint at age 14. Deciding to keep a lower profile, she managed to find a place to use as a hideout and living space — a long abandoned room of a book shop called "The Curious Goblin" that had been left buried and built over as the town and shop expanded. Essentially, it was a sealed off section of the basement, with a hidden exit leading to an alley. She also began to bleach her hair to make her Chelish heritage less noticeable.

Cerulean has spent most of the last four years evading the local orphanage (she's had to escape from inside once or twice) and attempting to scratch out a living however she can. Currently, she makes her living via con games to part travelers and fools from their money. Since she isn't involved in any serious crimes and has a charming personality, most of the locals who know her are willing to leave her alone provided she doesn't try to steal anything from them personally.

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