Captain Karret Ironfoundersson

Captain Karret (or Carrot if you prefer) is a member of the militia in Zeltenia. The militia is divided into two groups: those that guard Jindark specifically, and those that scout and patrol the rest of the kingdom. Karret is part of the scout and patrol group. He is one of the highest ranking members of the patrol and reports directly to Garot. Whenever Garot is away, Karret is in command of patrols and reports to Kessen Garess. Karret is very popular around Zeltenia and knows many of the people well. He is one of the few who actually gets the Old Beladame. He has an interesting since of humor and even enjoyed the monkey men singing, much like Auchs and Garot did. Karret is simple and hard working. It is quite possible that not only will he move on to bigger things in the kingdom, but that it will happen soon.

Karret was the Marshal of Zeltenia. Do some of the recent events in the kingdom, he is going to be changing positions. He will likely end up in a position that sees him doing mode work in town. But he has ask to still be aloud to patrol some as he enjoys being out and seeing people.

Karret has since become the Councilor of Zeltenia. Responsible with running the day to day affairs of the nation while Terra is away, he has become known as a very effective, friendly, and personable man whom many of the citizens love just as much as Terra and keeps the kingdom running smoothly.

Str: 16, Dex: 13, Con: 15, Int: 10, Wis: 17, Cha: 20

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