Captain Barnabas Harrigan

Captain Barnabas Harrigan is a severe, mean-spirited man who only spoke to the party on their first day aboard the ship. He indicated that speaking to him directly would be a bad idea. He seems to spend most of his time in the officer's section of the ship and lets his First Mate Mister Plugg deal with the crew. He also has a "cabin girl" named Caulkie Tarroon, though what he is doing with her, others can only imagine.

During his speech, Harrigan made it clear that he doesn't want to lose any of us 'sorry excuses' needlessly, and that if a crew member is caught killing someone, they will be immediately keelhauled.

After taking over The Man's Promise and his crew (apparently killing the captain that ripping out his still beating heart), Captain Harrigan took most of the Rahadoum Sailors aboard the Wormwood along with his officers to sail for his own while leaving the other ship in the hands of his former first mate, Mister Plugg.

According to Merill Pegsworthy, Captain Harrigan was locked up in Cheliax for a time before managing to escape. It is unknown how he was able to get out, however.

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