Bullet Crucible

Shootist Hex

  • Range: Touch
  • Hand: Ace
  • Trait: Knowledge
  • Speed: 1
  • Duration: Permanent

Bullet mold will allow a shootist to transmute bullets to standard, frangible, or armor piercing form. It can work with up to $10 worth of raw material bullets with the minimum hand and $5 more for each hand after that. The effect is permanent, and transmuted bullets can even be transmuted again. This hex won't work on bullets created with a Fistful o' Slugs hex, though.

Use the bullet's pricing to determine what can turn into what. The value of the bullets must be equal after being transmuted. Some examples:

An AP2 .45 round costs $3, while a standard .45 round costs $1. A shootist could turn three regular .45 bullets into one AP2 bullet, or turn one AP2 bullet into three regular ones.

A frangible .45 round costs $2. That frangible round could be combined with a standard .45 round ($1) to create an AP2 .45 bullet (valued at $3).

This hex cannot change calibers. You need the Bullet Mold hex for that.

Stamp of Approval: Tanner (for HOE)

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