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Multiclassing and Powers

You don't need to take power swap feats in order to get powers from other classes (though you still need the basic multiclass feat, like Sneak of Shadows or Student of the Sword). You can swap out any power for one from another class, not just Encounter powers, but this is subject to a limitation; at least half of your powers of a given category (At Will, Encounter, Daily, Utility) MUST come from your base class.

In cases where you have an odd number of powers or just one power (like 3 At Wills or 1 Daily) you must favor your base class. Racial powers (like Elven Accuracy) and bonus powers automatically granted from your base class (like Healing Word and Channel Divinity) are not factored into this at all, nor can you swap these powers out for others.

If you are a Bard and possess more than one multiclass feat, you must take half of your powers from your Bard class; the other half can be any mix of powers from your alternate classes.

Staff of Spreading Rage

Staff of Spreading Rage is an implement option for wizards. With it, you can:

  • Encounter (Minor): Increase the size of a Burst or Blast that has the Fire or Lightning keywords by 1.
  • Encounter (Minor): Increase the damage of a power with the Fire or Lightning keywords by 4. This increases to 8 at paragon tier and 12 at epic tier.

You must be wielding a staff to use either of these benefits.

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