Bregnir Of Gardenbur

Telmus was a rift cleric from Isis. From youth he trained to serve the good Phoen and defend the graves of Isis. He traveled across the world aiding the elf Carthain in the battle against Seriade. He had little time for a family, leaving his son Telmor and wife Allena to survive on their own. When Allena died, infant Telmor was brought to Gardenbur to Telmus. Telmus was in no way capable of caring for a child as he traveled the world constantly risking life and limb, so he asked Carthain to watch him. Young Temlor faced constant struggles agianst the elven children who, much as their parents, did not look well on those from outside their culture. His only protection from the constant harassment was Carthain, who watched over him as a father. Telmus's occasional visits never lasted long. He would be in Gardenbur long enough to tell Telmus a bedtime story then rush off to find some artifact or wipe some evil from the face of the Teras. Telmor adored his father for his constant struggles agianst the forces of darkness, and was thrilled by the adventure and risk of his father's life. When his father died it was his an earth shattering feeling that drove him to live up to his father's example.
As Telmor grew, he found his place in Elven society. He became a proficient fighter and found a beautiful wife named Luinis. It is a rare for a human and elf to be married, but because Telmor's life long citizenship to Gardenbur he was treated by those elves that knew him as one of their own. Soon they had a child, giving him the name of Bregnir. However this happy scene wouldn't last a year. Seriade's unquenchable blood lust would not be satisfied and they mercilessly attacked the Elven Nations.
Telmor couldn't stand seeing the Seriade, his father's life long foe, continue it's endless war against the Elven Nations. He left his wife and infant child to help defend the elves. Like his father before him, he fought valiantly against the Seriade war machine along side Adoster Leafshoadow and other brave elven warriors. But the war wasn't like the adventures Telmus had told him of. The fighting was gritting, vicious, and death surrounded him. He pressed on, but was consistently drained from the constant battles. Unfortunately, Telmor met his end during a rocket attack against a small village that he was helping evacuate.
Telmor had spent years fighting, and he wasn't identified as dead for years more. When word finally reached his family, Bregnir was a young man looking to join the lancers. Carthain had placed a good word in for him, and it seemed like a good possiblity. But the summer before Bregnir would start his lancer training, he finally heard from Carthain the eventually fate of his father. Bregnir went into morning and isolation.
He returned darker. Bitter about two generations dead at the hand of Seriade, and foreseeing the possibility of his own mortality ending at those same hands he developed an utter disdain for anything related to the war. All deaths, Seriade or Elven, simply fuel the war farther and spread its influence farther. He joined with the lancers. They saw beyond his rebellious nature and misdirected rage to see a boy who would become a great lancer and force for good.
With the Bronze Dragons' Blessing, he was sent out to complete the final steps of his training before becoming a true Lancer. First he was stationed in "" With Nenwen, a tropical paradise far from any knowledge of the war. He basked in the sun and let the pain he felt from his father's death subsided. One could almost say he was happy there. Then, he was suddenly instructed to travel to the Kythera Islands. The northern islands are rugged and uncomfortable, reminding Bregnir of his misdirected rage that had been dulled by a comfortable life.

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