A mute humanoid creature who grows strange fruits in a garden. Bort really likes to read and grow in a garden. He has came to stay in our city after the trolls invaded his garden.

Bort was attacked by town's people upon entering the town when he wouldn't respond to the guards, who were unaware he was mute. He was rescued by the party and lives in the castle now. A special section of the castle grounds has been fortified and turned in to a small garden for Bort. The group has requested he use it to grow the Moon Radishes that are so popular. He is only allowed in the garden when accompanied by a guard for his safety.

We have sucessfully cleared out Bort's garden, and he went to scope it out. He brought back some seeds and a small fruit which he still has. The party knows about his fruits and as long as he doesn't plant them Terra is okay with him having them.

He cannot use magic items
He cannot use scrolls
Helpful spells cannot be cast on him
Harmful spells cannot be cast on him
Cannot detect magic upon him
Blessings of Fervor
Dimension Door

Str: 10, Dex: 11, Con: 17, Int: 8, Wis: 16, Cha: 6

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