Bonewrack Isle

A mysterious island in the Shackles, it is apparently the home to several Grindylows.

During a horrible storm and an attack from some Grindylows, The Man's Promise ran aground on one of the reefs that surrounded the island and the ship sustained major damage.

In the aftermath, it was found that both Sandara Quinn and Jack Scrimshaw were kidnapped by the aquatic goblins.

While Mister Plugg did not care about whether they lived or died, he sent the party to the island to try to find supplies, food, and fresh water while the others repair the ship.

As the party explored the island, they found it home to more than just Grindylows. Apparently, an old pirate vessel had washed up there a long time ago and the crew eventually became ghouls, led by Aaron the Ghast.

The party was able to infiltrate the Grindylow home and defeated both the Queen and her obese son, saving both Sandara and Jack.

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