Bianca Stonehand

Born in the lower levels of Glimmerhold, Bianca had a responsibility and that responsibility was keeping her head down and doing what was expected of her. Within her family of stair and elevator maintenance workers, Bianca Stonehand quickly became known as a troublemaker. The task of accepting her lot in life would overwhelm her by the time she hit her teens. Indeed, her adolescence was fraught with discontent. While she was quite strong and more than capable of carrying out her family’s set way of life, she was deeply unhappy doing so. When she wasn’t aggravating her family, she was often seen climbing the stairs of Glimmerhold to places where she really ought not go. She often avoided her work, straying to the taverns and spying on the other parts of the town. Her intimate knowledge of the city’s led to lots of challenges for the family, as she was frequently not only shirking her duties but also wandering off causing trouble, especially when it came to drinking and rolling dice with the other off-duty workers. Many of her excursions were a source of family disgrace.

Fiercely independent, she struggled to make friends, especially when she felt many of the people she met were afraid to speak their mind. Her rough demeanor led to many physical fights and verbal quarrels with both strangers and her family alike. Her favorite brother, Garadon, often stuck up for her within the family. But she could never stop feeling restless, like Glimmerhold was a cage. She wanted better for her family and for herself. One day she snuck too far up the levels of the hold, where she caught attention of city guards. Instead of being repentant she insulted them, leading to her arrest. This was the final blow for her family. Her parents used the last of their connections in the upper levels to secure her release before asking her to leave their home for good.

Truly alone for the first time, Bianca didn’t know where to go. It seemed unlikely that anyone in Glimmerhold would hire her after the disaster she caused. No one, especially folk in the lower levels, wanted unnecessary attention brought to them. How did one leave their entire life behind? She had no idea. So she roamed from tavern to tavern, drinking and starting fights until finally drunkenly bumping into an oddly-dressed man. Hearing her harsh words about her family’s lot in life he told her that there may be ways to help. In hushed tones, he informed her that if she left Glimmerhold she may be able to accrue allies to help her overcome the imbalance of power within her home. He told her of far-off towns and other dwarven settlements, and her last thoughts before she blacked out in the bar were of this journey and where it may lead.

The next morning, she grabbed her belongings and went to say goodbye to her family. There was no point in staying in Glimmerhold, living out her life as little more than a slave. Despite everyone except her brother refusing to meet with her, she wished them well, promising that things would be different when they met again. And so she set off to find another dwarven hold, perhaps one that would allow her to find her own place in the world.
She quickly learned that getting to the nearest Dwarven settlement was going to be a challenge. By the time she arrived at Kraggodan she found it under siege, and unwilling to accept visitors. Turning back, she figured she’d bide her time until the gates reopen. She offered up her services as a mercenary in the local Phaendar area, looking for a quick coin. She excelled in the job, but it wasn’t her end goal.

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