Becca was born in Magnimar and lived in an inn. Her father was Petr. He owned the inn but hired people to handle the daily operations. He still helped out but mostly was a business manager. Her mother was Jeanine. She was an elegant woman who liked to sew and paint. They had a comfortable life; Petr kept the inn in the black and Jeanine supplemented their income with tailoring and selling some of her paintings. They were very protective of Becca. She was not allowed to go out without either one of her parents or her father's assistant, Marco. Marco had been with the family for as long as Becca could remember. He was nice but very quiet.

Whenever they took a trip, Becca liked to sleep in a storage compartment under the seat of the wagon. The panel blended in so if you didn't know it was there it would be hard to find. On one trip Becca woke up and realized the wagon wasn't moving. She popped the panel open and was hit by heavy rainfall. She crawled out of the compartment and placed the panel back to keep the interior from getting soaked. She looked around and did not see her parents or anyone else. It was nighttime and with that plus the rain she couldn't see anything. She crawled off the wagon and slipped and fell in a puddle getting drenched. She started walking and calling out for her parents.

Unfortunately, she attracted the attention of a spider. It began to chase her as she ran blindly. The noise attracted a youngster who dispatched the spider and then turned to her. Becca collapsed. She woke up in an old farmhouse. The youngster introduced himself as Cray. He told her she had been out for a couple of days due to exhaustion and hypothermia but his friend Lyndiria took care of her. Becca told him her story and he said he hadn't heard anything but he could take her to Sandpoint so she could ask around. They went to Sandpoint but the sheriff also didn't know anything. He sent a squad to investigate but they couldn't find the wagon and there had been so much rain they couldn't find any tracks. He also sent some men to Magnimar but didn't turn anything up. Becca continued to go back and ask every few days, then every few weeks, then she just gave up.

On a good day she believes they are still out there somewhere, waiting for her.

On a bad day she worries they are dead and she will never know.

On the worst days….she fears they abandoned her.


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