Ballin Dorfman

Many dwarves wonder how Ballin obtained his close affinity with the stone…

Some say that his mother, Shuma, ate to much iron ore when she carried him.

Others say that it because of their similar degree of working intelligence.

While others speak of the Gods of the Stone getting bored one day and seeing what would happen when power is granted to an idiot.

Whatever the case may be, from a young age Ballin always seemed a few menhirs shy of a Stonehenge, but more than made up for it with his strength, sturdy body, an avid love of ‘fighting’1, and a close connection with the stone that he has learned to manifest to aid in his higher calling.2

Raised by his mother Shuma (a retired adventurer who lost her husband shortly after Ballin was conceived) and his older brother, Dhawlin, Ballin never really properly meshed properly with the city of Janderhoff.3 While Dhawlin inherited his father’s talent with a hammer and forge and kept his father’s forge burning, Ballin inherited his strength and tenacity from his mother. Keeping to the dark tunnels and the beer halls, Ballin grew up in the dark reaches of the Janderhoff while his brother and now retired mother took care of the shop on the surface, and many of the tunnel reaches bare his crudely chiseled mark further than any others.4

Of course, Ballin did try to find a steady job closer to the surface at the urging of his brother… Working as a forgeworker (“Umm… I didn’t want my armor crushed…”), as a construction worker (“Umm… I didn’t want THAT building crushed…”), as a guardsman (“Ummm… I didn’t want HIM crushed…”), and even as a bodyguard (“OH GODS!! WHY DID YOU CRUSH MY BODY!? WHHHHYYYY??!!”), but nowhere could he hold a job for more than a few weeks. Searching for his place in the world, will our intrepid adventurer ever find a place where he can truly belong?5

At the moment, Ballin has traveled with his brother and mother to the town of Sandpoint where his brother has set up a small stall in preparation for the festivities in order to see more of the outside world past the iron walls of Janderhoff. Shuma is helping out by knitting some custom chainmail for the occasion, and (on Dhawlin’s urgings) Ballin is staying FAR AWAY from the tent where they are selling their wares. Ballin is fine with this, as it gives him time to taste the local cuisine of the area6 and allow him to try and try and see the elusive Murdermaw of rumors, expressing the opinion: “Is want ta kill it and wear its head like a hat.”

1. Which would more accurately be termed ‘Crushing things until they don’t move anymore.’
2. Namely, crushing things until they don’t move anymore.
3. Many of the citizens say that, while they recognize Ballin’s heart is in the right general area, the problem is his hammer ISN’T.
4. Those that haven’t ‘mysteriously’ collapsed and caved in.
5. And crush things?
6. Beer.

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