Aurellia Indira Hammond


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Quick Info

Name: Aurellia Indira Hammond

Age: 29

Agosto Hammond: age 15
Mirena Hammond: age 22
Baccus Hammond: DECEASED

Judge Edmund Hammond II
Lady Revina Flenta-Hammond

Hometown: New Steven

Current Hometown: Restov


Aurellia Indira Hammond was born in New Steven about 26 years ago to a well-established family. Her parents before her had a strong love for Abadar, her father being a judge and her mother an aristocrat. When she was younger her parents noticed she loved to tattle on her siblings whenever they would do something wrong, and she would often times attempt to dole out the punishment. She would pick up scraps from the armorsmiths and keep them to make her own makeshift armor out of. When she was about 12, Abadar’s power began manifesting within her, and she decided to become a cleric of the Judge of the Gods. She has worked for the city of New Steven, punishing ne’er do wells and other riffraff for five years now, and has more recently been assigned to ensure high profile criminals carry out their punishments, be it service or execution.She has most recently been sent to Restov to carry out her assignments. Aurellia is there to make sure the job is done right, and within the law. She was assigned to go to out into the Stolen Lands with Kirklance to make sure that a group that was chartered to go explore keeps out of the wrong side of the law.

In the past year Aurellia has been keeping the books in the new kingdom as the Treasurer. She has also been making friends with all sorts of strange folk, including a Kobold, a Grig, a Fairy Dragon, and a…well his name is Bort.


"Heh, undead? Leave it to me!"

"I'll slit Sebastian's throat myself if he touches Bort…"

"Cheska Scott! Where are the treasury reports!?"

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