Str: 20, Dex: 11, Con: 14, Int: 5, Wis: 13, Cha: 4

The party met the "loveable" Auchs in the Stag Lord's camp during the final assault on his fortress. Instead of fighting him, Terra charmed him and he joined our side in the battle. Despite the charm wearing off, Auchs still holds a great affection for the party, and Terra in particular. The party decided to give him a job, rather than just disposing of him.

Auchs is making a little headway as far as learning to be "civilized" goes. His violent impulses are still there, but being reigned in to a more acceptable level. He currently lives in the basement of the castle in Jindark, and accompanies the party on adventures when Kirklance must remain in the castle. His increasing intelligence continues to make things easier.

Auchs is the Royal Headsman and carries around a wicked bardiche. He becomes easily frustrated when presented with barriers.

After the battle with "Vordakai", Auchs received new armor. What appeared to harmless magic armor, was actually a phylactery for the lich or one of his champions. Unbeknownst to the group, the lich began to slowly regrow using Auchs as its host. The part realized an issue when Auchs was not carrying out his duties as Royal Headsman. They visited him, but did not enter his room. It was believed his increase in intelligence had led to an issue of conscience. However, the group later realized that something was very wrong. They revisited Auchs, and learned of his fate. A battle insued, one attended by Sebastian. The group defeated the lich and shortly after, Sebastian fled. Sadly, to defeat the lich, they had to kill Auchs. His body was destroyed. He was later raised and will be rejoining them shortly. The magic armor he was wearing was destroyed by the group, much to the dismay of Sebastian, who followed the armor, hoping to regain it and grow the lich once more.

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