Army Tactics

Each time an army wins a battle, you can attempt a Loyalty check against your nation’s Control DC. If you succeed, your army learns a new tactic. An army can know a number of tactics equal to half its CR. When a battle begins, the army must select one tactic to use for that battle.

Cautious Combat: Your army fights cautiously in order to maintain morale. –2 OM, +2 on all Morale checks.

Cavalry Experts: The army must have the mount resource to use this tactic. +2 OM against armies that aren’t mounted.

Defensive Wall: The army fights defensively, taking actions to protect their fellow soldiers as needed. –2 OM, +2 DV.

Dirty Fighters: An army that fights dirty uses trickery and unfair tactics to gain an advantage at the start of a battle. +6 OM on first round of the melee phase .

Expert Flankers: The army is skilled at surrounding the foe and distracting them, at the cost of spreading out too much and increasing its vulnerability. +2 OM, –2 DV.

False Retreat: Once per battle, your army can make a false retreat, luring the enemy deeper into your territory. On the round you make a false retreat, you cannot make an Offense check. On the round after a False Retreat, you gain +6 OM and +6 DV.

Hold the Line: Your army focuses on total defense of the battlefield. +4 DV, –4 OM.

Relentless Brutality: You throw caution to the wind and attack with savage and gory vigor. +4 OM, –4 DV.

Siegebreaker: You target the enemy’s siege engines in an attempt to destroy them. Each time you damage an enemy army in melee, you may make a second Offense check. If this second check is successful, you destroy one of the enemy army’s siege engines. This tactic has no effect on armies without siege engines.

Sniper Support: An army must have ranged capability to use this tactic. Each round you successfully damage an army with an Offense check, you inflict an additional 2 points of damage from archers held in reserve.

Spellbreaker: You adopt tactics to disrupt spellcasting. Against armies with spellcasting ability, you gain +4 DV.

Taunt: You are skilled at taunting the enemy, provoking stupid mistakes and overconfidence in battle. The enemy must make a Morale check (DC = 10 + your army’s CR) at the start of each round to avoid taking a –2 penalty to DV and OM for the round. Once the enemy makes two consecutive Morale checks against your taunt, it is immune to this tactic for the remainder of the battle.

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