Army Resources

Resources must be purchased with BP before an army can be outfitted with them.

Mounts (BP = Mount’s CR): The army is mounted on horses or other war-trained animals. Increase DV and OM by +2. If your army uses mounts that are more powerful than the soldiers themselves, your army’s CR (and all derived scores) might increase.

Improved Weapons (5 BP): The army is armed with masterwork weapons (increase OM by +1). For 10 times the BP cost, you can instead outfit the army with magic weapons (increase OM by +2).

Improved Armor (3 BP): The army is armed with masterwork armor (increase DV by +1). For five times the BP cost, you can instead outfit the army with magic armor (increase DV by +2).

Healing Potions (10 BP): Each soldier is equipped with several healing potions. At any point during a battle (but no more than twice per battle), you can order your soldiers to drink their potions—they cannot make an Offense check this round, but they regain hit points equal to twice their CR.

Ranged Weapons (2 BP): Your soldiers are equipped with ranged weapons (such as crossbows or bows). Your army gains ranged capability.

Siege Engines (15 BP per engine): Your army includes catapults, trebuchets, ballistae, rams, and other siege engines designed to break down fortifications. Increase OM by +2 (regardless of the total number of siege engines you control); each round of the melee phase, reduce the enemy’s bonus to DV from fortifications by 1d4 points per siege engine your army controls.

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