Arm And Leg Armor

Arm and Leg Armor
Armor (Building)
TN: 3
Chemical 10%
Structural 10%

Final Product: Armor for the arms and legs (most likely to complement an infantry battlesuit) that is AV2. Note that the weight can be mitigated by a raise on the construction roll, about 1 pound of reduction per raise.

Each AV uses up 10% of the slots in the frame being armored. 1 slot = 2 lbs of armor.

Step 1 (Sizing): The armor is Frame size 4 to fit the arms/legs. The armor has 54 slots. Human sized cargo space takes 64 slots, and the arms/legs is about half that, so 32 slots need to be dead space.

Slots: 32 / 54

Step 2 (AV): AV 2; 10.8 slots used. This weighs about 22 pounds.

Slots: 43.2 / 54

The armor power here has a frame size of 1 so the Construction TN is 4. Raises can improve the AV (costs frame size of total device in slots, or +4) or lighten the armor (-10% slots to mount it, or about 2 lbs of lightening).

Overall Vest: 10
Armor Power: 2 Chemical, 2 Structural

Component Cost
Frame (10 Structural) $20
2 Structural $4
2 Chemical $14
Total $38

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