Amorgin Katrares

An easygoing dark elven fighter who was found in a keep north of Winterhaven after being captured by goblins. He is of average height, with dull black skin and grey-white hair. He fights with a glaive and has a dark elven shortsword as a backup weapon, and is highly resistant to magic, even for a dark elf.

Amorgin combines solid front-line fighting techniques with intelligence and just a bit of sneakiness. When originally found, he appeared to be unarmed, but quickly employed his Bladeboots to help Llewellyn and Ladon kill his goblin jailors. Before the current party expanded in size, Amorgin was the warrior that kept the most dangerous foes away from Llewellyn and Ladon.

Presently, he spends most of his time guarding Bolmara Island.

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