Aliaga Silentreed The Half Elf Archer

Aliaga Silentreed is the only child of the wealthy Silentreed family, who sells and carries supplies for House Lyrandar. They mainly resided in Thrane, and traveled to the main houses when necessary. They weren’t members of the house, but they were accepted within their walls. Aliaga’s parents are highly overprotective of her, being their only child. They assume that she is weak and vulnerable to everything around her. To avoid risk and danger, they refused to train her with any weapons whatsoever and had guards keep close watch on her at all times.

Despite her overbearing parents, Ali decided she wanted to take up the bow. Once, when she was very young, Ali saw an archery tournament where Horril Greensleeves, an arcane archer, was participating. She promptly that night ran away from her guards, and ran into the encampment where Horril was staying, and begged him to teach her. He agreed, but not at first. The large bag of coins that she tossed at his feet was a far better talker than she. She kept her training secret from her family. She fought frequently in the archery tournaments, under the alias "Alistya QuarryBane".

In order to escape entirely from her parents' control, she fled secretly during another one of the tournaments. She caught up with Horril along the road, and traveled with him quite a bit. She wound up following him all the way to the Lhazaar Principalities. After a failed attempt to gather money by hosting a tournament, Horril left her stranded there. She was down on her luck and she took to gambling and residing in shady bars and taverns. She quickly began to associate herself with Yilaana, another run away herself. Yilaana was a Halfling, and Ali saw her as a good traveling companion.

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