Alchemy is an art that is partially based in magic and partially based in science. It can be used to make healing salves, explosive alchemist's fire, or even temporarily conjure tangling vines or noxious clouds.

Learning alchemy requires a character to devote one trained skill to it. It's calculated like any other skill and is keyed to Intelligence. Creating alchemical substances does not require skill rolls, though certain other applications of the skill might — for example, you might make an Alchemy roll to identify a strange liquid or determine the properties of an unknown metal. Your skill with alchemy also determines what substances you can use, though not all of them require knowledge of alchemy (see below).

When creating alchemy, you can make up to 500 gp worth (use purchase price, not crafting price) of alchemical items in one day. If an item costs more than that, it requires one day per 500 gp (an item that costs 1700 gp would take four days to make, for example). The tools needed to make alchemical items are large, bulky, and fragile (weighing about fifty pounds total for average tools) and significant workspace is needed. For these reasons, making alchemical items out in the wild is generally not possible. The alchemist must also work for a full day at a time (8 hours), whether he is making one item or several. An alchemist's laboratory costs 1000 gp; many cities and larger towns have labs available for rent at a rate of 50 gp per day.

A character must be trained in Alchemy to craft alchemical items. Other uses of the skill may or may not require training.

A full set of alchemist's tools suitable for crafting new items from scratch typically costs 500 gp and weighs 50 pounds, though most cities have workshops that will rent out tools and workspace for 30 gp per day. A fully stocked laboratory costs 5000 gp and doubles the amount of alchemical items that can be produced in a day (1000 gp per day), but is so elaborate and heavy that it is essentially non-mobile. Portable tools that are only suitable for performing tests or making most non-crafting uses of the Alchemy skill cost 50 gp and weigh 10 pounds.

Item Name is the name of the item.

Cost is the purchase cost of the item. Creation cost is half of this number. Items with their own attack rolls (like Hamstring and Knockout Drops) can be made more potent at an increased cost. The cost is doubled for a +5 bonus and quadrupled for a +10 bonus over the listed value.

Skill Bonus is the required alchemy skill to use and create the item; this is a total, and is not rank based like previous versions of alchemy were. If the number is in parenthesis, it is for creation purposes only and the item requires no skill to use.

Effect is a short version of the items effect. More detailed information can be found below the charts.


Item Name Cost Skill Bonus Effect
Stabilizing Salve 10 gp (3) Instantly stabilizes target (standard)
Healing Salve 30 gp (8) Application (standard), next healing surge +5 hp restored
Bone-Knit 100 gp (5) Restores 10 hp w/no surge, but -1 stacking penalty til short rest
Grandpa's Best 500 gp (15) Restores 30 hp w/no surge, but -1 stacking penalty til short rest
Stabilizing Globe 20 gp 10 As Stabilizing Salve, but thrown (standard)
Healing Globe 200 gp 10 As Bone-Knit, but thrown (standard)
Yggdrasil Globe 1000 gp 20 As Grandpa's Best, but thrown (standard)
Healing Rain 50 gp 10 Burst 2; stabilizes the dying or restores 3 hp to conscious targets
Vitalizing Rain 300 gp 15 Burst 2; restores 5 hp and targets gain 5 temporary hit points
Yggdrasil's Tears 2000 gp 20 Burst 2; restores 10 hp and targets gain 10 temporary hit points
Fortitude 50 gp (5) Grants 5 temporary hit points per tier
Giant's Fortitude 500 gp (10) Grants 10 temporary hit points per tier
Titan's Fortitude 2000 gp (15) Grants 15 temporary hit points per tier
Antitoxin 100 gp (10) +4 bonus to Saves and Fortitude Defense vs. Poison for 1 hour
Panacea 100 gp (10) +4 bonus to Saves and Fortitude Defense vs. Disease for 1 hour

Bone-Knit and Grandpa's Best are equivalent to potions for the purposes of actions in combat. They give a cumulative -1 penalty to attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws until the next short rest, due to nausea and illness caused by ingesting the potent ingredients. If more than five are ingested over the course of a day (the count resets after an extended rest), further healing elixirs will only result in vomiting with no benefit.


Item Name Cost Skill Bonus Effect
Acid 30 gp 5 1d4 + 4 acid damage
Acid, Pressurized 150 gp 10 1d4 + 4 acid damage, Burst 2
Acid, Greater 500 gp 10 2d4 + 8 acid damage
Sticky Oil 20 gp 5 Target gains Fire Vulnerability 5 (save ends)
Alchemist's Fire 50 gp 5 1d6 + 5 fire damage, ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)
Alchemist's Fire Mark 2 400 gp 10 1d6 + 10 fire damage, ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)
Alchemist's Fire Mark 3 1,000 gp 15 1d6 + 15 fire damage, ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)
Alchemist's Inferno 2,000 gp 15 As Mark 3, but Burst 2
Iceburn 100 gp 7 1d6 + 4 cold damage
Iceburn, Greater 500 gp 12 1d6 + 8 cold damage
Winter's Chill 50 gp 7 1d4 cold damage, Burst 1
Freezing Wind 300 gp 12 3d4 cold damage, Burst 1
Icecloud 700 gp 17 3d4 + 5 cold damage, Burst 2
Liquid Shock 100 gp 7 1d6 + 4 electrical damage
Liquid Shock, Greater 500 gp 12 1d6 + 8 electrical damage
Shine 50 gp 5 1d6 + 5 radiant damage (undead only)
Banish 400 gp 10 1d6 + 10 radiant damage, ongoing 5 radiant damage (save ends; undead only)
Glimmerdust 150 gp 10 Targets suffer -5 to hide checks; concealment -1 step
Wolf-Bite 50 gp 5 Applied to a weapon, +4 damage
Liquid Agony 150 gp 10 Applied to a weapon, +8 damage
Widowmaker 500 gp 15 Applied to a weapon, +12 damage
Elemental Extract 100 gp 10 Applied to a weapon, +5 (element) damage
Hamstring 200 gp 7 Ingested, contact, or blade; +10 vs. Fortitude (slows; save ends)
Mushroom Extract 400 gp 10 Ingested, contact, or blade; +10 vs. Fortitude
Knockout Drops 400 gp 10 Ingested, contact, or blade; +10 vs. Fortitude
Ghoul's Touch 400 gp 10 Ingested, contact, or blade; +10 vs. Fortitude
Mindshackle 600 gp 10 Ingested, contact, or blade; +10 vs. Will; dominates (save ends)
Death's Touch 1500 gp 20 Ingested, contact, or blade; +20 poison dmg, ongoing 20 (s. ends)

Thrown items such as acids and alchemist's fire target the reflex defense of your foe and have a proficiency bonus of +1.

Any offensive alchemical item requires training in the Alchemy skill to use.

The damage from Wolf-Bite, Liquid Agony, and Widowmaker is considered part of the weapon's damage.

Knock Drops and Ghoul's Touch: If the initial attack roll versus the target's Fortitude defense is successful, the target is slowed. If the target fails three saving throws in a row, the target falls asleep or is paralyzed as appropriate (save ends).

Mushroom Extract: Roll a d20; target attacks source of the poison (1-2), acts normally (3-4), babbles incoherently (5-10), flees from source of poison (11-14), attacks nearest creature (15-20). Save ends.


Item Name Cost Skill Bonus Effect
Fluff Item 10 gp (3) +1 to one skill roll, chosen at item creation (simple ointments, etc)
Athlete's Oil 100 gp (10) +2 Athletics/Acrobatics for one hour (standard)
Quickening Oil 100 gp (10) +1 Speed for one encounter (standard)
Spider Salve 100 gp (10) +5 Climbing (Athletics) checks for one hour (standard)
Thieves' Oil 100 gp (10) +2 Stealth/Thievery for one hour (standard)
Woad 100 gp (10) +1 damage, 5 temp hp, -2 AC for one encounter (standard)
Rhinohide 100 gp (10) +2 AC/-1 Reflex and Speed for one encounter (standard)
Vine Growth 100 gp 5 Makes an area (Burst 1) difficult terrain
Razor Vines 300 gp 15 As Vine Growth + 8 damage per square passed through
Crystal Caltrops 80 gp 10 Makes an area (Burst 2) difficult terrain + 3 damage/square passed
Wilting Cloud 400 gp 15 Cloud fills Burst 1, 8 damage/round + 4 ongoing Poison, save end
Smoke Bomb 50 gp 5 Makes squares in Burst 1 Lightly Obscured (PHB 281)
Stinkweed Extract 300 gp 10 Burst 3; +10 vs Fort; slows, -1 penalty to attack rolls (save ends)
Crystal Solvent 20 gp 10 Removes crystal caltrops in Burst 1
Anticoagulant 30 gp 5 Applied to a blade; ongoing 2 damage, save ends
Eye Tint 100 gp 5 Grants low-light vision for one hour
Recalling Solution 30 gp 5 Restores most faded/damaged parchments/papers
Solvent 20 gp 5 Removes poisons, glues, etc from surfaces
Invisible Ink 25 gp (5) Fades, but reappears when heated (one dose = 10 pages)
Lunar Ink 100 gp (10) Fades, but reappears when exposed to a specific moonlight (10 p's)

Vine Growth, Crystal Caltrops, and anything that creates a linger zone lasts for five rounds (at DM discretion, this may increase or decrease based on environmental considerations). Fluff Items can be a variety of things from ointments, perfumes, make-up, or whatnot.


Item Name Cost Skill Bonus Effect
Distill Ichor 200+ gp 10+ Distill the ichor from a creature. Doesn't work on all creatures. Ichor can have various effects. Alchemy rolls are usually required; -5 penalty without a lab.
Refine Raw Materials Varies 5+ Manufacture alchemical ingredients from raw materials such as a dragon's horn or kruthik spikes. Alchemy rolls are usually required; -5 penalty without a lab.

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