Akiros Ismort

The party met Akiros Ismort in the Stag Lord's camp. He had served the Stag Lord for some time, but ended up helping us defeat him by turning on his previous employer mid-battle. He did not enjoy his time there and came back with us to help in the kingdom.

A morose man, Akiros grudgingly accepted the role of Councilor to the new nation of Zeltenia. He quickly gained a reputation for being totally unwilling to accept any brown-nosing or ass-kissing, making him moderately successful at his job despite it not being his first choice. He seemed to express distaste for a festival dedicated to Erastil, though most of the party decided that it was his business and not theirs, and left him alone.

Akiros has often had issues in his time in the kingdom when dealing with Jhod, particularly when it comes to Erastil, the god Jhod worships. This happens most often when Jhod wants to have festivals honoring Erastil. The two got in to it one final time and long story short, Akiros ask to no longer be Councilor. Terra agreed and he has been moved to working with the patrols and the Marshall.

Since the time he moved to the Marshals, he has been moved up and is now the leader of the Marshals and serving Zeltenia in that capacity.

During their final argument, Jhod referenced something in Akiros' past.

After a talk with Aurellia, Akiros revealed that he used to be a paladin and that in a rage of passion he killed both his lover and her husband, and he thinks that Erastil has forsaken him.

From that point on, Aurellia decided that she would attempt to help Akiros atone for his mistakes. After much time and effort she was finally able to attempt this magically. She questioned Akiros about his interest in this, and at first he was apprehensive. After much work and arguing, she managed to get him to see the error of his ways and admit that he was truly sorry for his misdeeds. She performed the necessary things to help him atone. Akiros has since traveled to the temple of Erastil. He intends on spending two years there atoning and protecting the temple. Aurellia hopes and believes that when he is done, he will again be aloud to be a full-fledged paladin of Erastil.

Currently redeeming himself

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