Airships In Teras

A technology still in its infancy, airships have only recently appeared in Teras over the last few years. The first one known to exist was constructed by The Sprocketfires with the help of the powerful elven wizard Carthain. They are an incredible synergy of Alchemy, Tinkering, and Magic.

The sample size is small, but depending on size it appears that airships that exist now or that will be constructed in the near future will be able to travel at a speed between 20 and 35 miles per hour, with a total range of about 5000 miles before refueling is needed.

There are several major components of an airship.


Attached to the side of the airship, these devices are magically enchanted to ignore gravity and allow the ship to float. In the event that the main engines are heavily damaged or destroyed, some of them can be aimed horizontally to allow the airship to limp back to a point where repairs can be performed.

Needless to say, if one seeks to destroy an airship, taking out the cylinders may be the easiest way. The four airships that currently exist have more than they need to fly, but destroying enough would send an airship plummeting to the ground.


The main form of propulsion, the first engines made could in theory propel an airship about 20 miles per hour. Research is always being done, however, and faster speeds are certainly on the way.

Moreso than any other part of the airship, the engine combines Alchemy, Tinkering, and Magic. All three parts are required for smooth operation. Because of this, it was the most difficult portion of the airship to construct; purely magical solutions were either too expensive or couldn't provide enough power, and without magical help the engines would require immense amounts of fuel, break down easily, or be nearly unable to move the ship.


The hull of an airship is best constructed of a durable material such as ironwood or hoarbeam. Regular wood could work in theory, but it's fragility is assumed to be a liability. Metals that are available in quantity are usually found to be too heavy.

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