Adrian Noct And The Dusk Market

Adrian Noct is the leader of the Dusk Market, an underground market that specializes in a variety of goods and services not typically available in public. The market operates with great discretion often moving around so they can't be traced back to one spot. They currently reside in Cheliax, but are receiving an unhealthy amount of attention from the government and are looking to move elsewhere. Both Persaver and Garot were members of the Market at some point.

Other notable members are Ruroc, Adrian's lawyer Mr. Gorum, and the Urdacs. Ruroc is the halfling rouge who trained Garot and brought him in to the market. The Urdacs are very, very large humans that Adrian keeps as his personal bodyguards. He also travels with a lawyer at times to deal with contractual issues.

Adrian and his caravan arrived in Zeltenia not long after Garot's death. Garot had originally secured permission from Terra for a Dusk Market to be built in the kingdom provided Adrian was willing to agree to certain conditions. Using Ruroc as a middleman, Garot not only secured an agreement for business, but Adrian also agreed to give them a discount. Things took a turn when Adrian showed, requesting his share of the kingdom that had passed to him at Garot's death. He claimed, with paperwork and a lawyer, that Garot had signed a contract stating that his belongings were the property of the Market should he pass. Adrian claimed this gave him a stake in the kingdom.

Terra immediately opposed this and told Adrian he had no claim to any part of Zeltenia as Garot had to claim either. The kingdom was Terra's as ruler and no part belonged to Garot. After a few meetings and much arguing, Terra refused to agree to any of Adrian's terms. Adrian's only current claim in the area is a farm the market purchased for him as a residence during his business trip. He has since made it nearly impossible for the group to open their own market separate from the Dusk. However, the original market set up in Zeltenia was destroyed in an attack by a massive owlbear.

Currently, even though with the Dusk Market's barriers to commerce, the nation of Zeltenia did set up a blackmarket of their own. It is currently run by Syldrenna Larn.

When the Dusk Market wears out its welcome in an area, Adrian Noct sends his brother Varius A Sundry in as a representative of the rival "Bleakwind Consortium."

Varius A Sundry and the Bleakwind Consortium




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