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When last we left our intrepid posse, they had just held off an attack by some walkin' dead. They proceeded to the bunker and engaged some black hats, starting with a headshot from the templar. After ventilating the black hats, the posse were approached by some of the townsfolk. The posse decided, after much discussion, to share that they possessed the key to the bunker.

The posse along with three townies entered the building and encountered two cyborgs and an automaton. The cyborgs seemed to think the posse were working for Throckmorton! The male revealed the bunker held a city buster and demanded the posse hand over the key but the templar destroyed it. Disappointed, the cyborgs ordered the automaton to breach the door and left. the posse dealt with the automatons and hightailed it back to Junkyard.

There was much rejoicing.

The posse were approached to do some ghost busting. After some investigation, the posse learned that the building was not haunted until it was leased for repairs, many people had entered and failed to return including a templar, and there was only one survivor who was institutionalized in the hospital. There are many people who are very interested in knowing what is going on.
The posse entered the building and suffered through a variety of hallucinations. They managed to free two spirits from the hallucinations, but the posse believes there are at least two more.

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