7 9 09 Dusty

After heading towards the bunker, the posse spotted some Black hats hiding around the bunker. The posse made use of their long range weapons, mostly my M-42 sniper rifle, to take out said Black hats. After clearing the area of them the posse met up with the townsfolk of turnsville, who were kinda shocked at how many black hats we killed. After talking for a bit we let them know that we had the key and a few of them lead us into the bunker. Inside the bunker we came upon 2 automatons, and 2 cyborgs. The cyborgs looked to be in their late teens yet they both carried some very big junker tech guns. The told us to give them the key, then asked if we knew what was inside the bunker, when we did not answer they told us…It was a fucking city buster bomb, once I heard that I knew that we could not let the combine get a hold of it so i took out my pistol and destroyed the key.

Once i did that the cyborgs looked disappointed and left telling the automatons to blow the door down. Taking a spare crossbow from Kat me and Kat moved closer and opened fire on the closest automaton blowing the shit out of it with those really nice explosive bolts of Kat's. The second automaton went down shortly after the first, but not before the door was opened. We quickly went inside and hijacked the semi-truck with the city buster on it and fled back to junkyard, where we were welcomed as heroes.

After a few days we got asked to clear a haunted building. before taking the job we got approached by a few other people asking us to share any info we come across inside of the building. Once we got inside a lot of strange things started happening. Twice we were pulled into someones memories and had to figure out how to get out of them. We managed to figure out how to get out of the two that we got stuck in, but from the info we got there will be two more at least.

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