7 2 09 Dusty

Well my mission to Junkyard has taken a new turn a rather interesting turn at that. It seems that i was recruited to help deal with the Combine threat, in doing so I was asked to meet a rather large cyborg and join his squad. After talking with him and meeting his squad we traveled to a bunker which happened to be a NA bunker that held a group of soldiers that were put into suspension to wake when the world was destroyed. We awoke them and there seemed to be mixed reactions on what to do. Six of them took one of the two APCs they had and left the other six followed us back to Junkyard.

We headed out the next day to check out another bunker that happened to be a small weapons cache. After looting it we returned to Junkyard were we got a job to transport a package to a nearby town, before even getting the package a squad of combine somehow got into the city and tried to steal it, we fought them off and kept the package safe. We left the next day to deliver the package and found a large squad of combine with four automatons and a raptor trying to enter a ghost storm. Later we found that all of the adults in the town went into the storm looking for the person that we were supposed to be delivering the package to. We headed towards the storm to try to help but once we got close the raptor attacked. Shilo, and Kat managed to do a lot of damage to it as i tried to hit its fuel tank with my rifle, though not doing much damage to it.

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