3 12 09 Dusty

Strangely I seem to have meet up with a posse that consists of a Texas ranger, a 12 year old girl (that I later realized was a harrowed), a Bar owner (I think she may be a whore, not sure on that one yet), a monster hunter (not sure about this guy yet), and a muckraker (who now seems to be on the lamb). I ended up meeting this strange posse in a small town on my way back to Salt Lake City. They came in about the same time as a solid black train with boarded up windows and full of vampires (I found out that they were true vampires, i.e. they completely drain someone of blood and they become one.) I have heard rumors of someone down in New Orleans that is sending out these trains and the vampires. Not sure how true the rumors may be, but I'll have to take a look into it at some point. With the use of a few of my "tricks" we managed to destroy the train as well as all of the vampires aboard. After arriving back to the small town the ranger tried to calm the townsfolk by telling them that the vampires were escaped mental patients and that they were cannibals. Just a few moments afterword the bar owner tried to tell the town that they were vampires and with the help of the harrowed produced a bit of evidence proving their claim, yet the town believed that they were just cannibals luckily. Shorty there after I used another of my "tricks" to go unnoticed among the crowd and the posse learning a bit more about them and who they were. After a while i left and dismissed my "trick" and rejoined the posse. We bought a few horses and headed towards Salt Lake City.

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